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A lot of my sculpture is made in clay and then low fired in an electric kiln. Everything is hand-built making each piece unique. My ceramics are suitable only for decorative purposes. Do not use for food or place outside.

Resin, Cold Cast Bronze & Bronze 

For this process I make an original sculpture from clay or plaster. A resin, cold cast resin or bronze sculpture is a faithful reproduction of the original; the only difference is one of finish. A variety of materials can be added to resin to create the desired appearance. These sculptures are suitable for outdoors.

Mounts & Hanging
  • clear frosted mount 
    • Figures and torsos are usually mounted on clear frosted acrylic with polished edges. This mount appears to 'float' slightly in front of the wall and gently softens any wall colour or texture it is placed in front of.

    The mount also gives the sculpture a little more presence without inflicting a hard square or rectangular frame which doesn't always sit well with my sculptures irregular edges. 

    hanging system 

    The mount has a simple split-batten method of hanging. One batten is already fixed to the back of the mount and a second one is supplied with your sculpture. You screw the second batten to your wall and the fitted batten simply hooks over it to provide a firm fixing for your sculpture.

    This method also allows left/right adjustment and easy removal if required.

     wall plaque reverse

    Wall plaques have a recessed escutcheon in the back so that they will hang completely flush with the wall when hung on a firmly fixed nail or screw.



How To Buy


I'm not expecting have my new studio set up until 2019......

I have a small stock of 'One Soul' wall plaques and a couple of the large 'Scattered Souls' wall sculptures. Please contact me via this website or Facebook if you are interested in buying anything.



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