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"The art, music and literature that I return to time and again,  are pieces that touch me emotionally; if I touch just one person through my sculpture then I am satisfied"  

After graduating with a degree in Design and a long career in interior design I am now a full-time sculptor. I'm based in England and  currently sell most of my work online.


"I bring my own story to my work and I would like the viewer to bring theirs" 

I'm a contemporary figurative sculptor exploring identity; I believe we are a product of our family, occupation, environment and experience. Using the human body as my canvas I explore these influences; figures and faces are seen as part of a landscape or object. The various materials I use are often incongrous with one another, inviting the viewer to question what they are seeing.


I'm always playing with new methods of making sculpture, currently I am working with Jesmomite. Casting the artworks myself and hand finishing them to create a varied edition where each piece has a different finished effect - a series of unique multiples.

Most recently I have started to use found objects to create some unique pieces which will be for sale soon.





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