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"The art, music and literature that I return to time and again,  are pieces that touch me emotionally; if I touch just one person through my sculpture then I am satisfied"  

After graduating with a BA (Hons) first class in Design and a long career in interior design I am now a full-time sculptor. Currently based in Yorkshire I exhibit my work at exhibitions and events around the UK.


"I bring my own story to my work and I would like the viewer to bring theirs" 

I'm a contemporary figurative sculptor exploring the theme of identity; I believe we are a product of our family, occupation, environment and experience. Using the human body as my canvas I explore these influences; figures and faces are seen as part of a landscape or object. The various materials I use are often incongrous with one another, inviting the viewer to question what they are seeing.


"I'm keen to preserve some of the mystery as to how I actually make my work, but I will tell you this...." 

My method of hand-making ceramic sculpture results in unique multiples, that is every sculpture varies in form and finish and is unique.

The clay, glaze and other materials used, along with the techniques employed for each design, are specifically chosen to explore that idea to the full. Whilst the body of the work is ceramic, I also use gilding, paint and any additions that will convey the theme I am exploring.

More recently I have started to utilize Jesmomite casting with hand finishing techniques resulting in a varied edition where each piece has a slightly different finished effect.





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